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Posted on Thu, Nov 5, 2020

Betting Strategy To Make Profits
Posted by tipsthatmakeprofits
Posted on Thu, Nov 5, 2020

In sports betting, strategy is what wins money. Even the books have a strategy, which is to get both sides of the bet to accept a monetary disadvantage as often as it can do so. Your strategy will be to avoid bets that require you to accept a disadvantage, and focus on bets that give the monetary advantage to you. A mediocre handicapper with a good strategy will beat a good handicapper with a bad strategy. Good strategy has nothing to do with handicapping, and everything to do with winning. You have to limit yourself to the best bets, and leave the rest for the suckers and gamblers. I look at strategy as a set of rules to play by. Rules that eliminate mistakes. Sports betting is the only gambling activity that allows you to make the rules you play by, and that is why you can win.

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