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BettingSimulator has a total of 3,813 completed (plus 175 pending) sports picks the last 30-days.

* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.


This is the official account for the Betting Simulator pick history.

Here we will keep track of every single pick for every single game based on the Betting Simulator's official game simulation results for that game.

The Betting Simulator was taken out of beta testing mode on 12/31/2020 and starting on 1/1/2021, every pick the simulator makes will be tracked and recorded using this profile.

To ensure consistency, every pick posted will use the odds/lines available roughly about two hours before the start of each game. This allows us to track the Betting Simulator's picks using the best available and most accurate odds day in and day out.

Every pick the Betting Simulator makes will risk 1-unit for performance and tracking purposes.

In instances of the Betting Simulator's final result causing a push in either the spread or the total, no pick will be made. For example, if the Simulator has the Giants beating the Cowboys 28-21 and the spread is Giants -7, no spread pick will be made. Same goes for the total.

Betting Simulator results are strictly for news and entertainment purposes only. does not imply nor guarantee the accuracy of the Betting Simulator results to be valid or correct. Betting Simulator is only available before a game starts and is not guaranteed to be available for all sports or games. Use the Betting Simulator results or the recommended betting picks at your own discretion.


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