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* Return on Investment (ROI) figures above represent potential returns based on a $100 per unit risk amount. Please note that past results do not guarantee or imply future performance.


An intellectual thought process goes into every bet I make. I take the time to look over the statistics of the teams, find their weak spots on that given day/week and attack good values on the market when possible. I am still learning to eliminate negative EV leaks in my play and strive to be perfect. Many units are being lossed from my poor choice in 2, 3, 4 & 5 team parlays. Not the wisest decisions although at the time I really did believe they were winners. I post everything that I actually bet in real time

I am just starting out and have many years ahead of me to iron out the wrinkles but strive to hopefully be your favorite handicapper in the future. While others fade I will stand the test of time, using patience and betting appropriately staying within our proper bankroll. 

My default bet size is 1 unit. As I learn more about the teams and their tendencies throughout the season I land somewhere between 1-5 units per bet. The max bet for me on any pick is 5 units. We are looking for long term success in the sports betting market and staying within our means will help us achieve that.


I want thank those who purchase my picks and have cashed by doing so. That is our goal here and appreciate all future business.


Current stats with no Parlay bets:


4-7-1 (36.36%) -4.04 units 


2-5 (28.5%) -3.77 units

Spread: 1-3 (25%) -2.33 units

Moneyline: 1-0 (100%) +3.60 units

Over/Under 0-2 (0%) -5.00 units


0-1-1 -1.00 units

Spread: 0-1 -1.00 units

Over/Under1st5: 0-0-1 (0%) +/- units




2-1 (66.6%) +0.73 units

Spread: 0-1 (50%) -2.00 units

Spread 1st Half: 1-0 (100%) +0.96 units

Over/Under: 1-0 (100%) +1.77 units

Updated as of: 11/5/20 6:19pm EST


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